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LSP School supports students in reaching their full potential. It provides guidance for university admissions, organizing preparatory exams, offering mock exams, and providing courses from OnDemand Ignite by OnDemand and EduSmith.

International Signature Program (ISP)

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Our Vision

International Signature Program (ISP) is a program whose primary goal is to prepare students for their future endeavor in a global stage. To ensure our students receive the best education possible that also aligns with LSP’s vision, we combine LSP’s school concepts and 3Is cores (international, innovative, individualized) together to create a signature program that will readily equip our students for their success in a domestic and international level.

LSP's School Concept




Study in ISP

Helping students to become successful in a global stage is ISP’s main goal, so we have dedicated ourselves to designing comprehensive curricula for ISP students. Our ISP curricula are based on and adapted from the US curriculum to ensure students get to enjoy a wide range of educational experiences.


In their middle school years (Matthayom 1-3 / Grade 7-9), with our Expeditionary Learning, students will have the opportunity to incorporate their knowledge across fields to come up with a project based on SDGS (Sustainable Development Goals).

(Project-based learning)


In their high school years (Matthayom 4-6), they have an opportunity to study AP (Advanced Placement) courses and take the exams to prove their academic rigor. Students will also get to study in Career Track where they can delve into the career fields of their choice.

Partnership with Washington Academy

ISP has signed the MOU with EduDee, Educatius, and Washington Academy where interested students can earn dual diplomas, one from LSP and one from Washington Academy, to highlight their academic prowess. With courses from Washington Academy, students can choose to study in additional subjects they would like to learn more (and even AP courses).

Students must be at least in Matthayom 3 / Grade 9 before enrolling in Washington Academy.

More details for enrollment coming soon!

School Fees (ISP Program)